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Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'd like to thank the Academy ...

... for giving the wife and me an excuse to have a fun time at the home of Rogue Slayer and her wife the other night. I'm not sure how long RSLS and The Girl have been throwing these shindigs, but they have the recipe for a fabulous party down cold:

-- yummy Chinese food from Jade Garden in Arlington
-- TVs placed strategically in the rooms with the most traffic, so that no one has to miss a speech, skit or red-carpet moment
-- Tivo, so that we could pause for bathroom breaks or seconds on food, and fast-forward through moments that we did want to miss
-- competition ballots (in handy spreadsheet form)
-- a good mix of guests (including a really cute baby we had a hard time tearing ourselves away from)

As for the ceremony itself, consensus seemed to be that Jon Stewart did a decent job as host, some of the presenters (especially Ben Stiller in green, and Will Ferrell and Steve Carell in bad makeup) were hoots, and some of the costumes were laughable. One of the best quotes of the night came from a fellow guests, when Charlize Theron appeared in a green dress that had a big bulby thingy on her left shoulder: "OMG, she's got a growth!"

We didn't do as well with our Oscar picks this year, but since we had seen hardly any of the nominated movies, neither of us were too surprised. Maybe by 2010 we'll have seen all the Best Picture nominees from this year.

Update: reading some Oscar-related posts on You Can Quote Me minded me of another thing i loved -- Lily Tomlin's and Meryl Streep's hilarious homage to Robert Altman.

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