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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Wrong-headed Romney is at it again

This time he's trying to get legislation passed that would exempt religious organizations like Catholic Charities from anti-discrimination law. The specifics, via MassEquality:


Dear xxxx,

Governor Romney is at it again, bashing some Massachusetts families in an attempt to align himself with far right opponents of marriage equality and further his own Presidential ambitions. The Governor recently announced his plans to create a loophole in Massachusetts' anti-discrimination laws so that Catholic Charities can discriminate against same-sex couples.

In just a few weeks, opponents of marriage equality will attempt to strip rights away from same-sex couples and their families by advancing an anti-marriage ballot initiative. We need to send the Governor a message that discrimination in any form, be it in adoption or marriage, has no place in Massachusetts.

Catholic Charities' decision to abandon their adoption program rather than place orphans with gay or lesbian parents only underscores the true motives of extremist opponents of equality. They will stop at nothing in their campaign against gay people and their families, even if it means denying needy children a loving home.

Since Governor Romney no longer easily accepts emails from constituents, we are asking you to draft a letter online which we'll hand deliver to his office. We need you to voice your opinion. We will take care of the rest. Tell the Governor that discrimination has no place in Massachusetts.

Thank you,

Matt McTighe
Political Director


Please sign the petition and let Romney know that discrimination has no place in either his presidential campaign or our state laws.

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What if Catholic Charities wasn't receiving funding from the state, would you still be against them running their adoption agency as they see fit? How does that fit into the "separation of Church and State" equation keeping in mind that "Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion..."?

Yes, I would, because their actions would still be discriminatory. Unfair is unfair, no matter the justification.

Oh, and I'll stop telling the bishops how to run their adoption agency when they stop trying to get the legal ruling on same-sex marriage reversed.

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