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Monday, April 03, 2006

It's baseball time again ...

... which means it's also fantasy baseball time. Here's my post-draft roster for my EA league team:

C: J. Varitek
1B: A. Pujols
2B: C. Utley
3B: D. Wright
SS: M. Tejada
OF: C. Crawford
OF: B. Abreu
OF: H. Matsui
Util: M. Texeria

Starters: C. Carpenter, R. Oswalt, C. Zambrano, R. Harden, D. Willis
Relievers: Fr. Rodriguez, B. Ryan

Mi. Cabrera, C. Delgado, T. Helton, M. Ensberg, J. Cantu

Unlike in previous years, when I'd immediately start adding and dropping players, I'm going to stand pat for a little while. The lineup and starting rotation are both pretty good, and with only four teams in the league I don't think I need to worry about finding replacements if someone gets injured or hits a slump.

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