Coming Out of Left Field

Friday, April 14, 2006


I knew I said I wasn't going to make any drastic changes to my fantasy baseball roster just yet. But that was before I looked at my team and realized the following:

-- I have four guys whose only position is first base.
-- I have only one catcher and one shortstop.
-- I have only two guys who can play second, and neither is tearing up the league at the moment.

So in the interest of balance, I made the following adds/drops:

Drop: T. Helton (1B), J. Cantu (2B, 3B), Mi. Cabrera (3B, OF), M. Texiera (1B)
Add: I. Rodriguez (C), F. Lopez (2B, SS), V. Wells (OF), J. Beckett (SP)

Except for adding Beckett, the pitchers stay the same ... for now, that is.

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Greetings! I found you through my husbutch's blog - great one you've got here, btw. I can't with much intelligence comment on baseball other than from an aesthetics POV (except to say I'm glad your fantasy team is evolving, lol), but I do love the Sox & reading all the great Sox bloggers. Kind of embarrassing, but I'm the same way about Spanish & quantum physics - I get it while I'm there, but can't for the life of me tell you what I just heard. Anyway, I just wanted to say hey & thanks for introducing me to the Library Thing via your links.
Best, Neasa

Thanks for the comment! I guess the baseball stuff is like foreign languages -- early exposure makes it much easier to retain, though some of the number-crunching will always be beyond me. Cool artwork on your blog, btw, I'll have to look at more of that when I have the chance.

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