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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The West Wing: "Election Day" (Part II)

If you haven't yet seen this episode, skip this post unless you want to see major spoilers. Otherwise, read on.

First off -- yay!!! Go Santos! I hoped the election would end up going his way, particularly when the episode cut a couple of times to the room of his supporters (in stark contrast to Vinick and his three staffers), but the episode managed to keep us in suspense until the last possible moment. And good for Vinick that he didn't opt for a protracted legal battle. Overall, both Alan Alda and Jimmy Smits have done very nice work this season. I wouldn't mind seeing either actor -- or, better yet, both of them -- in another show. West Wing spinoff, anyone?

As for the Leo storyline, it was heartbreaking, and will be even more so with his funeral in next week's episode. There will probably be some blatant pulling of heartstrings, but for once I won't care. After all his years of stellar work, John Spencer's certainly earned himself a great send-off.

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