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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Reunion road trip

Last weekend the wife and I went down to Bryn Mawr with Rogue Slayer and The Girl, for the wife's and RSLS's 20th college reunion. RSLS has a reunion wrapup on her blog and Flickr photoset, so I'll just add a few things:

-- The wife and I very much enjoyed rolling out of bed around 10 each morning. This was only slightly diminished by our feeling guilty that we were two to three hours behind everyone else, though they reassured us they didn't mind.

-- We also enjoyed playing with the cute kitties, particularly Fiona, who parked herself outside our bedroom door in the wee hours of the morning, waiting for one of us to come out and pay her some attention.

-- Of all the Saturday activities, I think I enjoyed the afternoon picnic the best. Next time we'll forgo the lectures and just have a party on the green. RSLS is already making a playlist!

-- The verdict for "The Da Vinci Code": RSLS liked it, we found it entertaining but over-the-top, and The Girl thought it was confusing (not having read the book). We all agreed that Tom Hanks was miscast, despite the best attempts of the costume and makeup department. Even if he'd sounded like a Harvard professor, I think I still would've been distracted by what RSLS called his "academic mullet".

-- Many, many thanks to RSLS and the Girl for driving and organizing the whole shebang, and to her Biggest Sister for letting us crash at her house. It all made for a memorable Memorial Day weekend.


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