Coming Out of Left Field

Monday, May 01, 2006

Sox 7, Yankees 4

First off, a big welcome back to Doug Mirabelli, who has been sorely missed. Maybe Josh Bard was comfortable with Wakefield (and Wake with him), but Bard was definitely not comfortable with the knuckleball. As for Mirabelli, he did an amazing job tonight. He essentially jumped off the plane and was immediately in the thick of things, blocking balls and even throwing out a baserunner.

The game itself was a little nerve-wracking but satisfying, with nifty defense on both sides, and a nice rally by the Sox in the bottom of the eighth (helped immensely by Papi's three-run homer). Then Papelbon did his Sidd Finch imitation, and it was a wrap.

Oh, and Johnny Damon went 0 for 4. If it hadn't been for the boos, you wouldn't have even known he was there.

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