Coming Out of Left Field

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Poor Pedro

The wife and I were excited to watch Pedro Martinez's return to Fenway last night. He got a very nice welcome from the fans, but a less kind reception from Boston hitters, who knocked him out of the game after eight runs in just three innings. I'm happy that the Sox won yet again (by another huge score, 10-2 this time), but I really wished that it'd been a closer game. I hate to see anyone flop as badly as Pedro did, and it was sad to see him in the dugout hanging his head after he'd been taken out. Hopefully the next time the Sox and Mets meet up, he'll do better ... but that we end up beating him anyway. Pity only goes so far, after all.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Maine amusements

The wife and I are in the middle of the most relaxing vacation we have ever taken, thanks mostly to the innkeeper at our wonderful B&B. I am reluctant to reveal where exactly we're staying, since I want to ensure that we'll be able to come back whenever we want to, and if I give away certain info, such as the name of the place, the innkeeper's phone will start ringing off the hook. Yes, I'm selfish.

But I will say that we have been absolutely pampered with yummy breakfasts and all sorts of treats, including Ghiradelli chocolate chip cookies (yum). We're also lucky enough to be very close to the beach, which has meant we've gotten some very nice walks in. Today we even took advantage of the sun's emergence, riding the trolley to Perkins Cove and walking all the way back. A few more of those, and I may even have a tan when we get back to Boston -- along with a few extra pounds from all the food!


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Silly quote of the day

"I'm going to fight to the death for Fluff ...It's ridiculous that with all the things going on in the state and in the world, we're having this conversation."
Massachusetts state rep. Kathi-Anne Reinstein, who says she will file a bill designating Fluffernutter the official state sandwich.

The last time I checked, it takes two to tango, so Reinstein's bill doesn't exactly help get people's priorities back in order. Don't you guys in the House have a minimum wage to raise?

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

My gay agenda

With the Family Protection Amendment and Boston Pride being in the news recently, I've been hearing a lot about the "homosexual agenda". Being a homosexual, I thought it might be educational to mention, just as an example, what was on my agenda today:

1) Take my wife's parents out to brunch for Father's Day.
2) Help my brother-in-law load a 27-inch TV into the back of his car.
3) Drive back to my wife's parents' house while carrying the brother-in-law's somewhat anxious parakeet* in its cage, so it can be watched while the brother-in-law and his family are out of town.
4) Unload bird, cage stand and TV at wife's parents' house.
5) Go shopping for sandal/sneakers for wife and me, for upcoming trip to Ogunquit, ME.
6) Come home and take nap.
7) Do two loads of laundry.
8) Check e-mails, do a bit of freelance work.
9) Watch Red Sox-Braves game on ESPN.

Nothing terribly radical, I guess, unless you happen to be a Yankees fan.

*Edit: I mistyped yesterday and said the brother-in-law's bird was a parrot instead of a parakeet. Apparently being so close and personal to a featured creature somewhat warped my perspective.


Friday, June 16, 2006

Say sayonara to Santorum

Got this the other day in an e-mail from HRC:

Boot the bigot (Flash game)

It won't be that easy to get rid of the staunch antigay conservative, but you can pledge to support fair-minded candidates in November. With any luck, this fall's elections will boot this bigot for real.

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Reunion road trip, part II

Last weekend the wife and I drove to NY for her other college reunion, at Sarah Lawrence. It was a good trip, though it started inauspiciously. Friday was one of those "rain, rain, please go the hell away" days, which made for unpleasant driving. By the time we arrived on campus, we just wanted to dump our stuff, get dry, and take a nap.

After picking up our keys and donning the ponchos handed out at registration, we drove over to the dorms. We had a little bit of difficulty with the gatekeeper, who at first wanted to stop us from going through the gate. But we assured him (just as we had a few minutes earlier on our way back to the car) that we were just unloading our stuff, and that we would then turn around and go back to the parking lot. Not being sure where exactly our building was, we consulted the signs (which were vague), and the wife asked a passerby whether such-and-such dorm was Building A. "Oh, yeah, that's it," he replied. It took a few minutes to find our room, and at first my wife couldn't get the door open. I then tried the key and got in immediately.

We quickly dragged all our belongings into the room, planning to immediately return to the car. Then we hit a snag: the door wouldn't lock. The wife and I took turns twisting and turning (and swearing loudly), with no success. We also realized that we had only a single bed even though we'd registered for a double, and the wife reported that the bathtub had apparently not been cleaned in some time.

Crossing our fingers that no one would steal our stuff while we were out, we got back in the car, drove back past the grumpy gatekeeper, parked, and walked back to registration. The staff, told of our concerns, promptly called Facilities and asked them to send over a locksmith and a double bed. We were told that the locksmith would meet us back at the room, so we trudged back there and waited. After several minutes, the wife called again, and was told that the locksmith had already been to the room and verified that the lock was fine. We told them that the lock was definitely not fine, and asked the locksmith to come back. Meanwhile, we agreed to leave our things unpacked, in case the college decided to move us somewhere else.

The wife realized that we'd forgotten to bring our cooler in, so I trudged back out to the car while the wife waited for the locksmith. On the way, I ran into a nice woman from registration, who assured us that they'd get everything straightened out. I also crossed paths with the locksmith, who said there hadn't been anyone at the room when he came the first time. I assured him that there was someone there now, and told him the lock was still busted.

As I came back from the car, cooler in hand, the gatekeeper told me the locksmith had come and gone, and still hadn't seen anyone at the room. With a smirk, he added, "Time to go home!" I managed not to snap at him -- the last thing I needed was trouble with campus security -- and slogged on through the muck. Tired and soaked, I finally got back to the room, only to have the wife tell me: "Um, honey ... I think I'm going to go check out the building next door. Why don't you wait here?"

When she came back, she confirmed the truth: our dorm was actually one building over. When we'd come back from registration the last time, she'd noticed the name on the side door was different from the name of our dorm, and the locksmith's failure to show up made her even more suspicious. We moved the stuff to the right room (which had a nice double bed and clean bathroom as well as a functioning lock), called Facilities to apologize, and collapsed into hysterical laughter.

The rest of the weekend was much more fun. Although the wife said she probably wouldn't know anyone, she still managed to run into two connections Friday night, including the aunt of one of the kids in her class. We would've chatted more, but we were so tired that we went straight to bed after dinner. (It's also a measure of how tired we were that we ate the fish, the only entree choice, with barely a murmur of complaint.) Saturday we went to a brunch and a cool panel about digital filmmaking. Of the three films, we both enjoyed "Wonder Pets", a preschool show on Nick Jr., and the snippet from "Searching for G", a documentary about the existence (or not) of the G-spot. The third film, "Facechasers," was very stylishly made but didn't make much sense. "Typical Sarah Lawrence," my wife told me later -- very intense and dark and arty.

After the panel, we had a much-needed nap, then dressed up for dinner and dancing at the U.N. We had a lot of fun on the dance floor, especially doing foxtrot and swing, and also got a Red Sox fix from a fellow fan, who looked up some scores on his Blackberry. We were thankful that the brunch on Sunday was a little later, as we got to sleep in a little bit before eating, packing up and heading back to Boston.

Overall, a fun if tiring experience. I'd definitely like to go back in five years. By then, I should have the energy for it!