Coming Out of Left Field

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Maine amusements

The wife and I are in the middle of the most relaxing vacation we have ever taken, thanks mostly to the innkeeper at our wonderful B&B. I am reluctant to reveal where exactly we're staying, since I want to ensure that we'll be able to come back whenever we want to, and if I give away certain info, such as the name of the place, the innkeeper's phone will start ringing off the hook. Yes, I'm selfish.

But I will say that we have been absolutely pampered with yummy breakfasts and all sorts of treats, including Ghiradelli chocolate chip cookies (yum). We're also lucky enough to be very close to the beach, which has meant we've gotten some very nice walks in. Today we even took advantage of the sun's emergence, riding the trolley to Perkins Cove and walking all the way back. A few more of those, and I may even have a tan when we get back to Boston -- along with a few extra pounds from all the food!


Will you tell me via secret e-mail?? I'm glad you are having a wonderful time!

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