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Sunday, June 18, 2006

My gay agenda

With the Family Protection Amendment and Boston Pride being in the news recently, I've been hearing a lot about the "homosexual agenda". Being a homosexual, I thought it might be educational to mention, just as an example, what was on my agenda today:

1) Take my wife's parents out to brunch for Father's Day.
2) Help my brother-in-law load a 27-inch TV into the back of his car.
3) Drive back to my wife's parents' house while carrying the brother-in-law's somewhat anxious parakeet* in its cage, so it can be watched while the brother-in-law and his family are out of town.
4) Unload bird, cage stand and TV at wife's parents' house.
5) Go shopping for sandal/sneakers for wife and me, for upcoming trip to Ogunquit, ME.
6) Come home and take nap.
7) Do two loads of laundry.
8) Check e-mails, do a bit of freelance work.
9) Watch Red Sox-Braves game on ESPN.

Nothing terribly radical, I guess, unless you happen to be a Yankees fan.

*Edit: I mistyped yesterday and said the brother-in-law's bird was a parrot instead of a parakeet. Apparently being so close and personal to a featured creature somewhat warped my perspective.


Hey - I love parrots! Can I have a gay agenda, too?



What? You mean you gays really are just like the rest of us? Who knew? :big sarcastic smilie:

The only "gay agenda" that I've ever heard of seems to be the same as the "straight agenda". Live life, be respected and treated with consideration and be happy". I want a gay agenda, too!

:D Sure, anyone can have a gay agenda. Go for it!

You going to Ogunquit, grrl? That's so gay. Har. My current homosexual agenda is to get my gaydar repaired so I can accurately identify butches from hardy sea-faring stock up here!

My last homosexual agenda was getting Angelina Jolie out of the country so I wouldn't have to watch every excrutiating detail of her labor. Ah, sweet victory.

Here's my gay agenda:
Work my a** off, pay my taxes, give to charity (if I can), & try not to strangle dumbsh*t coworkers. Gee, I sound like my dad.

Neasa: yeah, I noticed Jolie-Pitt went out of the country for that. Good job. ;)

couch potato: that's why my day-to-day gay agenda sounds like too. Just to be safe, though, I also double-checked my Asian-American, East Coast, nearsighted, right-handed, book-loving, and Red Sox-rooting agendas. Funny thing, the baseball one was the only one mentioning anything about world domination. Yankee fans, beware!

Agenda? I'm still trying to get a matching pair of socks out of the dryer!

Oh yeah, socks! Though I guess that falls under item #7. Why doesn't anyone pass a constitutional amendment about that?

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