Coming Out of Left Field

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Poor Pedro

The wife and I were excited to watch Pedro Martinez's return to Fenway last night. He got a very nice welcome from the fans, but a less kind reception from Boston hitters, who knocked him out of the game after eight runs in just three innings. I'm happy that the Sox won yet again (by another huge score, 10-2 this time), but I really wished that it'd been a closer game. I hate to see anyone flop as badly as Pedro did, and it was sad to see him in the dugout hanging his head after he'd been taken out. Hopefully the next time the Sox and Mets meet up, he'll do better ... but that we end up beating him anyway. Pity only goes so far, after all.

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No pity. No mercy. No prisoners. I appreciate all he did for and with the Sox, and for that reason alone, he deserves every standing "o" that he gets. But, he left and is probably very grateful today that he went to the other league.

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