Coming Out of Left Field

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Spin, spin, spin

At work we joke that our content management system is powered by hamsters. Site running slow? Blame the hamsters. You get errors when you try to view a page? Blame the hamsters. It takes you ten minutes to publish one lousy update? Yep, blame the hamsters. But usually things sort themselves out, as soon as the hamsters get some food or take a nap.

Sometimes, though, the hamsters really muck things up. This was the case today, when all of a sudden the thing I was working on (to use a technical term) went all kablooie. Anyone who looked on our development server would just see one big error where content is supposed to be -- content that was unviewable, unverifiable and therefore unpublishable.

Right now the tech people are working hard to fix this. In the meantime, maybe we should elect someone to talk to the hamsters and find out what their demands are. More food, bigger cages and better bedding are a small price to pay for systems that actually work.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

ConCon vote on marriage equality delayed

According to, legislators have recessed until November 9. This is good news for supporters of same-sex marriage -- as MassEquality points out in its e-mail, "With each day, we have a new opportunity to tell more people the story of marriage equality and of the more than 8,000 loving, committed same-sex couples who have married since May 2004."

And to those who prattle on about the will of the people being ignored (like Kris Mineau, head of the so-called Massachusetts Family Institute), the will of *this* person is that you stop wasting time and money that could be used to actually help families instead of hurting them. Judging by the comments of other folks both gay and straight, I'm not the only one who feels that way.

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