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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A tale of two trips

The wife and I went to NH twice in the past few weeks, and apart from location, they were very different trips:

Trip #1
We drove up on a Friday night with Rogue Slayer and The Girl. Because we all worked that day, we got off to a late start, but music and conversation helped keep us awake. My wife and I have gotten hooked on SciFi's Who Wants to be a Superhero?, had decided that the four of us would make a good team:

RSLS: Super Geek, techie extraordinaire who would invent all our special gadgets
The Girl: Speed Demon, faster than a speeding bullet in vehicles of all types
My wife: The Negotiator, fluent in all languages, master of disguises, and strong enough to pick up two quarreling kids and separate them
Me: The Webslinger, who can teleport from one location to another via anchor tags, "comment" out people to make them invisible, etc.

RSLS and The Girl approved of their new personas, though we all agreed that the latter could just as easily have been Super Shopper. On Saturday, The Girl demonstrated the abilities of that alternate persona when she and my wife went off to the outlet stores for an hour while RSLS and I stayed at home and read. They came back with bags of bargains, picked us up for lunch, and then went back to the outlet stores for yet more shopping. Finally, though, even Super Shopper reached the limits of her stamina, and we headed home.

Sunday was much more low-key. We walked down to the Saco River, waded or swam in, and sat on a log in the middle, watching the kayakers pass us by. Quite peaceful, in stark contrast to the traffic jam that confronted us that night on our way back to Boston. The kayakers were pretty fast compared to that. At least the company was fun, which always is the case with RSLS and The Girl road trips.

Trip #2

I caught a nasty cold right as this trip started (I began feeling the effects Saturday, as we drove up), so I didn't get to do very much on this trip. Sunday we did get to go to a Jewish adult education class with the in-laws, during which a rabbi discussed the importance of making your days count. Unfortunately, because of the cold, I didn't get much of a chance to do that -- Monday I slept, and Tuesday the wife and I stayed home instead of going to a local production of "Urinetown". (In that case, though, it was apparently time well-spent; the in-laws went to the show, and told us we didn't miss much.)

Despite the cold, I felt very well taken care of, with some nice meals that I could enjoy even without my sense of smell. My wife's father even offered me some cold medicine from their cabinet. After we realized that it was 11 years past its expiration date, my wife took me to CVS so we could get some DayQuil and NyQuil instead. Even with the drugs and lots of sleep, even now I'm a bit fuzzy-headed. Forget being a superhero, I'll settle for feeling human again. Too bad there isn't an HTML tag for that.


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