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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

R&R in western Mass.

Hello, little newt
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The wife and I took a much needed break last weekend at Stump Sprouts, in western Mass. While we weren't quite as pampered as we were in Ogunquit (we'll take care of that Columbus Day weekend), it was nice to hang out with our dance buddies.

A bunch of us took a hike on Saturday afternoon. Usually it's a smallish hike -- 45 min. up to the top, half an hour on the way down -- but this time we got a little lost, which added an extra hour. We did get to see an orange newt that one of the hikers spotted. She said she almost missed it, because it was the exact color of some of the leaves. I took a couple of pictures, which unfortunately came out kind of fuzzy.

The usual Saturday-night dance featured at these get-togethers didn't last very long, since many of the participants, us included, were exhausted from the hike. We did have enough energy the next day to do a little Rosh Hashanah service, complete with tashlich walk and a mini-celebration afterwards with challah, grape juice, and apples with honey. Not a bad way to start the New Year!


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