Coming Out of Left Field

Monday, October 30, 2006

Fantasy math

This is how fantasy math works:

Set up an equation A + B + C = D, in which A equals one amount, B equals another, C equals the amount of mortgage we can comfortably afford, and D equals the price of a given house.

Take the left side of this equation. Replace A with the sum of X and Y. Define X to be 2/5 of A. Make Y an undefined variable -- it can be as much as 1/4 of A or as little as 0.

You should now have X + Y + B + C on the left side of the equation. Magically, even though the sum of X and Y is less than A, certain fantasy mathematicians -- those responsible for defining A, and subsequently replacing it with two other variables -- still think X + Y + B + C adds up to D.

Since we can't afford fantasy, we'll probably need to work up another equation for another house. At least this time we'll have all the variables in place first.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Life is getting even more complicated

Recently, with housing prices coming down, we've started to look into getting our own place. While we haven't minded renting, we don't have a heck of a lot of space (and our piles of unpacked belongings are not completely to blame). And once Project Baby is successful, through one route or another, we'll need even more room.

So even though we're feeling a little stressed as it is, we've begun the house-hunting thing. It has helped immensely that the wife's parents have done a lot of the initial looking. (One of their top priorities: finding us a house that's near their house.) Last Sunday we went and looked at the outside of the places they liked best, and got to set foot inside two of them. The first just felt wrong (I kept pulling my elbows in, because everything felt too narrow), and the second was fine except for being right near noisy, congested Route 9, which would not make my wife's commute a fun one.

Then on Tuesday we went to one other place -- which was very cute on the outside -- and took a little tour inside. And fell in love. And are now trying to figure out how much to offer, and how we can afford it, and what contingencies to put in, and a million other things. And reassuring ourselves that even if we don't get this house, there will be some other house out there that will be affordable and in a good location and won't require a year's worth of work before we can move in.

Between this and Project Baby, I'm feeling very grown-up all of a sudden. Oy.


Saturday, October 21, 2006


Found out today that our latest Project Baby attempt was not successful.

It would've been nice to get some nice news after the extremely long week we had, but it was not to be. Time for another go-around on the same roller-coaster ... and time to schedule an appointment with the social worker, to discuss adoption agencies in case our next attempt has the same result.



Sunday, October 08, 2006

Life is what happens ...

... while all your plans go out the window!

OK, I'm exaggerating a bit. But it's true that this holiday weekend hasn't gone quite how we thought. Our plan for these last couple of days went as follows:

-- Go to the clinic Friday morning for an ultrasound.
-- Go to work.
-- Call in to get messages, and find that we're not quite ready for another Project Baby attempt, and that we shouldn't come back until Tuesday.
-- Drive up to Ogunquit Friday night for a relaxed weekend being pampered at our favorite B&B.

Here's what really happened:

-- Went to clinic.
-- Went to work.
-- Called in, and found out we're wanted back at the clinic before 10 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday.
-- Swore (under my breath, since I'm at work).
-- Called the B&B to let the owner know that we won't be coming in unil Saturday.
-- Went back home Friday and do the trigger shot.

-- Got up early and drove to clinic.
-- Did first attempt.
-- Drove to Ogunquit.
-- Ate wonderful late brunch prepared by the B&B owner, who also says he'll make us an early breakfast the next morning. (isn't he sweet?)
-- Took nap.
-- Took short walk on beach.
-- Ate early dinner, and chilled out in our room, watching TV and checking e-mail.
-- Set alarm for 6:45 a.m., and went to sleep.

-- Woke up and noticed the time was 7:17 a.m.
-- Swore loudly.
-- Threw on clothes and ate a quick but scrumptious breakfast (fresh fruit, scrambled eggs with mushrooms and cheese, potatoes).
-- Drove down to Boston, arriving only a few minutes late for the appointment.
-- Did second attempt.
-- Went to our house and lay down for a nap.
-- Grabbed lunch and headed back north.

After that, things got a little easier. This afternoon we took a longer walk from Footbridge Beach to the main part of town. On the way, we saw something I never expected to see on the beach -- two horses with their riders. They were walking right next to the water instead of galloping, although as they reached the end and turned around they started trotting.

An ice cream sundae and some shopping later, we were ready to head home, so we caught the trolley back to the B&B. Unfortunately we didn't think to check our cell phone messages, so it wasn't until later that we learned our buddies Rogue Slayer and The Girl were in town too and could've met us for dinner. Shoot. Maybe we can make it up by helping them pack for their new place!