Coming Out of Left Field

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Life is getting even more complicated

Recently, with housing prices coming down, we've started to look into getting our own place. While we haven't minded renting, we don't have a heck of a lot of space (and our piles of unpacked belongings are not completely to blame). And once Project Baby is successful, through one route or another, we'll need even more room.

So even though we're feeling a little stressed as it is, we've begun the house-hunting thing. It has helped immensely that the wife's parents have done a lot of the initial looking. (One of their top priorities: finding us a house that's near their house.) Last Sunday we went and looked at the outside of the places they liked best, and got to set foot inside two of them. The first just felt wrong (I kept pulling my elbows in, because everything felt too narrow), and the second was fine except for being right near noisy, congested Route 9, which would not make my wife's commute a fun one.

Then on Tuesday we went to one other place -- which was very cute on the outside -- and took a little tour inside. And fell in love. And are now trying to figure out how much to offer, and how we can afford it, and what contingencies to put in, and a million other things. And reassuring ourselves that even if we don't get this house, there will be some other house out there that will be affordable and in a good location and won't require a year's worth of work before we can move in.

Between this and Project Baby, I'm feeling very grown-up all of a sudden. Oy.


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