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Friday, November 17, 2006

Sox notes

I have a slight headache and it's been a long week (and month and year), so this won't be too coherent, but here goes:

-- It might take me a while to learn how to spell Daisuke Matsuzaka without looking it up. But if he turns out to be an ace for the Sox, it'd be worth it. He sounds like the real deal, even if his vaunted "gyroball" is just a really good slider or curve.

-- Alex Cora just signed a $4 million, 2-year contract with the Sox. That's an awful lot for a guy who hit .238. Personally, I would've taken some of that money and thrown it Mark Loretta's way. As much as I like Dustin Pedroia (aka "Little Guy" in our household), he's not quite ready, and Loretta had a pretty good year at second.

-- I'm sad to see Foulke go, especially since the bullpen was shaky at times last year, and while he is no longer a closer, he can still be good. At least Timlin will be back, along with Wake, who can pitch anywhere, anytime.

-- There's a chance the Sox's replacement for Trot Nixon, an oft-injured outfielder, might be J.D. Drew, another oft-injured outfielder who would be a lot more expensive. I don't know what numbers Theo's crunching for this one -- probably the same ones Dan Duquette used to sign Kevin Mitchell and Jose Canseco.

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