Coming Out of Left Field

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Inspector came and went ...

... and recommended some fixes, but found no major problems. Right now, the plan is to sign the P&S on Saturday and hand over a sizable check, then to give them a much bigger check a month later. In the meantime, we'll keep packing boxes and cramming them into every square inch of space we have, which even right now is not that much.



Wheeee! I've been a little electronically disconnected lately, so haven't been reading much lately - congratulations! We've got a bunch of brand new, unused U-Haul boxes that we've been meaning to return for two months now, but obviously that's not going to happen, so you're welcome to them if you want!!!

Thanks! We're pretty excited. I'll keep you posted about the boxes. The wife just brought home a bunch from work, but I'm sure with all our books we'll run out pretty quickly. :)

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