Coming Out of Left Field

Monday, February 19, 2007

Vacation getting off to a nice start

Today, our first full non-jet-lagged day in California, was a good one for several reasons.

-- the chocolate chip/pistachio pancakes we made for breakfast
-- a nice walk down Castro Street, where we browsed for books and had tea and croissants in a local cafe
-- another walk on a bike/pedestrian path right near where my brother lives
-- anticipating the gourmet meal of rack of lamb, green beans, carrots and rice my brother's making right now (plus ice cream for dessert)
-- and last but not least, good news from our mortgage broker: our mortgage commitment letter is finally in!

Now we can *really* relax and enjoy the rest of the week away. Woo-hoo!


I really enjoyed the cioppino when I visited SF. Oh, and the great Thai and Mexican food.

I would love to visit there with my wife someday.

Pistachio pancakes? What a great idea!

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