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Monday, March 05, 2007

One for the "kids say the darndest things" department

This happened to my wife, not me, but it's too funny not to share:

The other day, one of the classrooms at my wife's school was celebrating "Fenway Park Day." A number of the children were wearing Red Sox apparel, and one little boy was sporting a shirt from spring training, which prompted the following conversation:

Wife: "I want to go to spring training."
Boy: "You can't."
Wife (a little taken aback): "Why not?"
Boy: "You have to be 4!"

Pause, while my wife tries very, very hard not to crack up.

Wife: "Oh. Well, when I'm 4, can I go with you?"
Boy (exasperated at how silly the teacher is being): "No! You have to go with a grown-up!"

Usually when my wife asks kids how old they think she is, the guesses start at 12 and up, so this was definitely a first.

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