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Thursday, April 26, 2007

D-Day approaching

Today is Thursday.

The movers come Saturday.

Must. Stop. Hyperventilating.


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Adventures in Passover cooking

This year the wife and I are trying to be good for Passover. Starting on this past Sunday, we've given up leavened food. Technically we're supposed to do this until next Monday, but since the family seder was a day early, we're cutting ourselves a little slack. (Yes, the family had its seder before the official start of Passover. We also had a Thanksgiving dinner Saturday night, but that's another story.)

So far we've had some very interesting meals. Tuesday morning is a relatively late work day for us, so we decided to make pancakes for breakfast. The recipe I use calls for one cup of flour, so I did the dry mixture with one cup of matzoh meal. After putting together the wet mixture, I poured it into the bowl, and the dry mixture immediately sucked up all of the liquid. With, I swear, a slurping noise.

"Huh," I thought, and added some more milk.

SLURP! That liquid vanished too. Since we were low on milk, we decided to go with it anyway. I tried ladling the mixture onto the skillet, but my wife pointed out that ladles don't work all that well with solids, so we used a spoon and our fingers instead. The result was somewhat lumpy and strangely textured, but still tasty, thank heaven. Later on my wife was looking up something and found that 1 cup of flour equals 1/4 a cup of matzoh meal, which explained a lot.

The other incident (so far) involved some noodles that were supposed to be part of last night's dinner. It had probably less to do with the fact that these were Passover noodles and more to do with my multi-tasking: boiling water for the noodles, steaming the broccoli, and broiling lamb chops. It probably also has to do with there being, at least for these noodles, a really thin line between al dente and mush -- a line I realized I'd crossed when I tried to strain the noodles.

Fortunately the wife was highly entertained by this, pointing out that the pasta looked a lot like farina or grits. We had some with the lamb and broccoli (giggling all the while); my wife added some cheese and an egg to the rest and fried it for our breakfast this morning. An odd combo, but a good one as it turned out.

Maybe tonight we'll have just matzoh and cheese. I shouldn't be able to mess that one up!


Dice-K rocks!

Seven innings, one run, and ten strikeouts from Daisuke Matsuzaka in his regular-season debut ... pretty good, even if it was against the Royals instead of the cream of the American League. I would've been even more psyched had I remembered to activate him before the game started. Arrrgh. Maybe next time.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Less blogging, better pitching

Dear Curt,

As entertaining as your new blog is, shouldn't you rest your fingers a bit more in between starts? May I suggest no more than five questions answered in any one post, and no posts at all on a day you start?

The only exception to this would be today and tomorrow, when you can post all you want. After today's four-inning, five-run, 89-pitch effort, you have a lot of explaining to do.


Red Sox Nation

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