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Friday, June 29, 2007

Romney, Mormons and special underwear

Even though I've been paying attention to the presidential campaign, and know a little bit about Mormons, until the other day I hadn't been aware of a particular issue. One of the people also staying at our B&B, however, enlightened the wife and me over breakfast. We'd been talking politics, and I said that I was worried about Mitt Romney getting the Republican nomination.

"What the South is going to have trouble with," said our fellow vacationer, "is his special underwear."

His special what?

"Yeah, special underwear," he said. "All observant Mormons have to wear it under their clothes ... it goes up to here" -- he indicated his chest, "and it covers pretty much the whole body."

There followed some jokes about Googling "Romney's underwear" and the "boxers, briefs, or Mormon underwear?" question Romney would face if he ever went on MTV.

"The South will be fine with a lot of things," our informer concluded, "but when it comes to special underwear, they'll be like, 'That's just too weird."

Afterwards, I did a Google search, and found Mormon Underwear, which has a lot of info but few pictures, and blog post on that has one pic.

It's pretty safe to say that no other presidential candidate will be asked about this!

lol -- oh god the magic underwear... sigh... LOL

Ok, I used to be mormon... but was never "cleansed" or whatever in the temple...

But my mom and a lot of my mom's side of the family are mormon and they all wear that goofy underwear.

Damn you for not letting this be an anonymous comment. lol

Rick Schroder also wears the magic underwear as he became a mormon when he married his lovely wife!

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