Coming Out of Left Field

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A message from Paul Newman

Usually I don't tell other people about my dreams (let alone blog about them), since a) I tend not to remember them and b) even if I do, they're typical run-of-the-mill ones in which I find out I have a big test I didn't study for, or I'm at the office and the systems aren't working, etc.

A dream I had the other day, though, featured not work or school anxiety but a woman named Jeannette, the daughter of Paul Newman, who had written a memoir about her and her father. It was an inspirational-type memoir along the lines of "Tuesdays with Morrie," and had its genesis in an argument she'd had with her boyfriend Kevin, after which she'd realized that her life was a mess. So Jeannette turned to her father for solace and direction. The result was a slim hardcover book with Paul Newman on the cover, hand extended toward the reader. And above Newman's picture was the title of the book, which summed up Newman's advice to his daughter and to us:

Just Add Salt.

After I woke up and stopped laughing, I did a little research. The only book on Amazon with that title is a mystery that has nothing to do with Paul Newman, and since he doesn't have a daughter named Jeannette I can't ask her. So Paul, your message came through loud and clear. If only I knew what it meant!