Coming Out of Left Field

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My apologies to Harold Kushner

Dear Rabbi Kushner,

I owe you an apology.

I am in the process of converting to Judaism, and as part of my class I'm reading various books on the religion. My wife has been doing the reading too, being the wonderful and supportive partner that she is.

I should backtrack a bit -- earlier today, we noticed that a flying bug (we don't know what kind) had somehow gotten into the house. I tried to whack it with a magazine but missed it, and it flew away. Later on we spotted it near the stairs, but it again escaped.

We shrugged, went downstairs and had dinner and dessert, took care of the guinea pig we're petsitting, and then came back upstairs to do some work on the laptop (me) and some reading for class (my wife). So my wife happened to be looking at one of your books when the flying bug appeared again, right in front of her on the bed. Instinct took over, and she immediately killed the bug ... with your book. Specifically, your book "To Life."

Hopefully you will see the irony and humor in this. But I thought I'd say sorry, just in case.