Coming Out of Left Field

Friday, November 28, 2008

More from the "kids say the darndest things" department ...

... overheard at my new job at preschool:

Teacher, to toddler: What would you name the turkey [a paper one, hanging on the wall]?
The toddler says his name.
Teacher, to another toddler: And what would you name the turkey?
This toddler also says his name.
Teacher, to a third toddler: And what about you? What would you name the turkey?
Toddler (without hesitation): Duck!

Me, reading a book: See, the giraffe is building something out of blocks. Maybe a skycraper.
Toddler: Or a rocket ship.
Me: Yes, it could be a rocket ship.
Toddler: [something indistinct]
Me: I'm sorry, what did you say?
Toddler: Pluto's not a planet.
Me (stunned speechless for a moment): You're right, Pluto's not a planet.
Toddler: But the Earth is.

Teacher (reading a book): And on the third day, God made trees grow out of the earth.
Three-year-old: I don't live on the Earth -- I live on another street.
Another three-year-old: I live in Lexington!

And my favorite one ...

Me, to two four-year-olds: Someday, you'll be taller than I am.
Four-year-olds (looking at each other): Naaaahhhhh!
Soxfanwife (who is barely two inches shorter than I am): Well, do you think you'll be taller than me?
One four-year-old: Of course, you're a small grown-up!
Me (after we stop cracking up): But by the time you're my age, I bet you'll be taller than me.
The same four-year-old: Yeah, and you'll be 100!

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