Coming Out of Left Field

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Guinea Pig Dialogues, part 18 of an ongoing series)

An approximation of an actual "conversation" that happened the other day, just after I opened the dishwasher:

Haver the guinea pig: Squeak.
Me: No, sweetie, I'm just doing the dishes.
Haver: Squeak squeak.
Me: Haver ...
Haver: Squeak squeak squeak.
Me: Haver, there's no lettuce in here.
Haver: Squeak squeak squeak!
Me: Haver, this is the dishwasher. This has always been the dishwater. It is *not* the small white lettuce box.
Haver: SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK! Squeeaalllllll!
Me: Honey, could you please get him some lettuce?

It's debatable who's sillier -- the guinea pig, for assuming the dishwasher is a lettuce box, and me, for trying to convince him otherwise.