Coming Out of Left Field

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More stories from preschool

I'm used to the kids at school asking whether Kate and I are sisters, since they know we live together and share things (and they apparently can't see race). But it's still funny anyway when it happens:

Kid: Excuse me, [soxfan], do you and [soxfanwife] live in the same house?
Me: Yes, we do.
Kid: Is your mom the same as [soxfanwife's] mom?
Me (trying not to laugh): No, she's not.
Kid (mystified): Why?
Me: Well, [soxfanwife] and I aren't sisters, we're married.
Kid: Oh!

The other day I was also invited to someone's house for a playdate:

Kid: You can come to my house, [soxfan].
Me: I'd like that, that'd be really nice.
Kid: Yeah, you can come and vacuum and play basketball and look at our air conditioner!

Seeing as how, between my conversion (yep, I'm officially Jewish now) and everything else, we haven't had a whole lot of time to just be social, this sounds pretty good to me!