Coming Out of Left Field

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Shopping advice

The other day was Purim dress-up day at preschool. One of the kids came in this great astronaut outfit, and I complimented him on it and said I wished I had one too. The following dialogue ensued:

Child: My safta (Hebrew for grandma) bought this ... but you have to go to a mall near you.
Me: A mall near me?
Child: Yes, a mall near you, and you have to go to all the stores.
Me: All the stores? Even the ones that sell chocolate?
Child: Yes, all the stores. And you have to get up very early and drive there. And if no stores have it, you have to go to a store not near you.
Me: How early do I have to get up? 2 a.m.?
Child: 0 a.m.!
Me: Wow, 0 a.m.? I'll have to bring some food with me, because I might get really hungry waiting for the mall to open.
Child: Yes, you have to bring breakfast and lunch and dinner with you.
Me: You know, maybe I should call the stores first and see if they have it. So then if they didn't have it, I wouldn't have to get up at 0 a.m. and go to the mall.
Child: That's a good idea!

I later told the child's mother, who appreciated the story as much as I did!