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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Is rage-faxing a thing?

There are a few websites that let you send free faxes (limited to 2 or 5 a day). I've been taking advantage of them to contact the GOP representatives -- yes, all 217 of them -- who voted to repeal the ACA on Thursday. The message isn't complicated; it's basically a PDF with "SHAME!!!!!" in huge red letters all over the page.

I have no illusions that this will singlehandedly change any rep's mind about his or her vote. We've been doing other things too, like donating money and e-mailing/calling our own legislators, that probably will have more of an impact. But, fortunately, this is not something that takes loads of time. And with all of this, I've taken this quote from "What Calling Congress Achieves" (a New Yorker piece by Kathryn Schulz) to heart:

We all do plenty of things without knowing if or when or how or how much they will work: we say prayers, take multivitamins, give money to someone on Second Avenue who looks like she needs it. So, too, with calling and e-mailing and writing and showing up in congressional offices: it would be good to know that these actions will succeed, but it suffices to know that they could. And at this particular moment, when our First Amendment freedoms are existentially threatened—when the President himself has, among other things, sought to curb press access and to discredit dissent—we also act on them to insist that we can. The telephone might not be a superior medium for participatory democracy, but it is an excellent metaphor for it, and it reminds us of the rights we are promised as citizens. When we get disconnected, we can try to get through. When we get no answer, we can keep trying. When we have to, for as long as we need to, we can hold the line.

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