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Sunday, May 07, 2017

Resistance quote of the day

Today's resistance-related quote comes courtesy of Diane Duane, whose Young Wizards series is a favorite of ours. In the book "Wizards at War," two of the senior wizards have just warned a group of younger wizards that a) something really dangerous is tearing the universe apart and b) the senior wizards themselves are losing their powers and won't be able to help. Then one of them, Tom, smiles grimly and gives them the good news:

"For the duration—for as long as there is a duration— as far as wizardry goes, the lid is off. Any wizardry you can build to fight what's happening, any wizardry you can figure out how to fuel, is fair game. Normally we all limit our workings carefully to keep them from damaging the universe, or the beings who share it with us. But now the system itself is on the chopping block, along with everything else. If we don't save that..."

For this universe and with us Muggles (and yes, I know it's mixing YA fantasy series), that translates into, for instance, attending marches and protests at times instead of going to services; as much as I appreciate Shabbat, spiritual connection and inner tranquility don't count for as much when the truth is under attack and so many marginalized communities are being threatened. Similarly, I'm willing to kill some trees (in the form of postcards and faxes) and increase carbon emissions (e-mails, petition signatures, etc.) if in the long run those help prevent greater harm to health, the planet, and so on.

Speaking of faxes, now I'm up to 48 representatives -- only 169 to go. And I want to send postcards to the senators who are reportedly working on their version of the ACA repeal, to let them we are watching.

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