Coming Out of Left Field

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wait, whaaaa ....?

I was planning to write a post yesterday, but current events got in the way. I'm too young to remember Watergate, but Trump seems more and more like Nixon every day -- paranoid, thin-skinned, and all too willing to fire anyone who dares criticize him, oppose his policies or look into the problematic behavior of himself and his staff. It's so bad that the Twitter account for Nixon's presidential library posted that Nixon never fired *his* FBI director.

I'd like to hope that this news would be enough to put a stop to the GOP efforts on repealing the ACA, tax cuts for the 1%, etc. But of course McConnell and some other Republicans are rejecting calls for an independent investigation, and even the GOPers who are claiming to be troubled by this firing ... well, talk is cheap. So for the moment I'm pausing my "shame for the AHCA" project so I can use my daily free faxes to demand a special prosecutor from the Senate. (Less of a GOP majority there, so more chance of something actually working.)

No matter what happens, Trump has just (metaphorically) poured kerosene on a fire he was hoping to extinguish.

P.S. Am still enjoying "The Martian," though I can't help wondering if Mark Watney would want to come back to this planet...

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