Coming Out of Left Field

Monday, June 05, 2017

A resistance resource: Fax numbers for US House and Senate GOP members

I've been sending a lot of free faxes to Congress lately (via FaxZero, TopFreeFax, GotFreeFax and MyFax). While FaxZero's pages for the US Senate and House plug you right into those folks' DC numbers, there was no equivalent for their district offices, and no lists that I could find.

So I made some. I'm no whiz at programming, so these are just two sizable Google Docs (especially the House one):

Faxes for GOP representatives (excludes non-voting ones)

Faxes for GOP senators

Though no one else may ever use these, I figured I've saved myself some time in the long run. Even a few seconds spent looking on someone's site adds up when you do it repeatedly, especially over a very long four years ...

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